Extra 2 hours in the CSC.  You can find my hours logged and the karma by working extra on learning outcome 5 page in the timesheet posted.



Watched the desk for Lauren while she was doing a Professionalism Review for Jordan.  Extra hour of Karma Work. 🙂


Dr. April came in the CSC wanting a flyer for the function we are doing on campus and I showed her my flyer I used for my Promo talk and she liked it and is going to use it in the packets to be handed out.


Volunteered to stay in the CSC while some of the interns were going to do a “Communication Buffet”.  Instead was told I could leave early to help do the buffet.  Scared and nervous due to not knowing what that meant I went overcame some fears and had a blast.


Promo talk did not go as planned but flew off cuff and did it without all the resources.


Watched front desk for Winston off the clock


Talked with Eric Willis head of college fb page about promoting CSC


Gave extra peer feedback to Violet on her promo flyer


Showed Dennis how to set up a wordpress account


-Showed Brannigan how to set up a wordpress account

-Caught the factor that csc gmail was full and went through and freed up storage space


Sat at the desk off duty so that the GA (Lauren) could assist a client.  The interns on duty were out of the office putting up flyers.  I checked in clients and answered questions while sitting at the desk.  (25 min)


Took the lead on making the newmacuser flyer.  With the feedback and guidance from the staff this was a fun activity.  Since I my self am a new mac user this actually helped me learn how to operate a new system.

<img src=”https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1W-cC-tq6P8I7GR3kP-6VOuHCl2m-HMggagx-APz6Br4/pub?w=1018&amp;h=762″&gt;


08/26/16 – I responded to the following e-mail and pitched in to make sure Torri had feedback before noon for our meeting this Friday, August 26, 2016.  I learned from not doing a stellar job on Alexis’ feedback but taking what I had learned and applying it to Torri’s feedback.  This was a great way for me to use what I had learned and apply it.

Torri Needs Your Help

CSC Internship

Winston Meyer

Aug 26

to Torri, me, Dennis, Brannigan, Iaja, Alexis, Maurico, Violet, William

Good morning everyone!

I have a special request for you all on this lovely Friday morning.
Torri did not receive a feedback video on her positive communication video. Will someone please make a feedback video in response to Torri‘s positive comm video?
Remember, peer feedback and revisions are needed to meet your grade argument requirements, so why not start early!
See you at the meeting today,