Self Introduction

Good Day!  My name is Adelene McClenny and I am a Junior at the University of Arkansas Little Rock.  My major is Applied Communication and my minor is Information Technology Certification/American Sign Language.  My goal with the Applied Communication major is to work in a company that values positive communication and the value of their employees.  Contributing to my major is the Information Technology Certification minor which will allow me to stand strong in an ever so quickly moving technology driven world.  Adding to this is the American Sign Language minor as well to be fluent in a language that some American’s use so that I can be an even more versatile employee.

Being part of the Communication Skill Center Internship has broaden my knowledge of how to organize my time and work.  The demand of this internship is like taking a course and it’s work load on in return to help the clients that will be visiting this lab.    Which at times may get a little overwhelming but is such a great way to learn quickly and get feedback from my peers.  The peer feedback is also a great part of this learning experience because I am getting more than one persons opinion.

As you navigate through my e-portfolio notice the pages are listed at the top and when you click upon them they will take you to their destination.  Be aware that the learning outcomes page will have a drop down menu to choose from learning outcomes one through five.

Thank you for your time and hope you enjoy my e-portfolio.