Learning Outcome #4


Let me first begin with WOW!  Experiences are awesome.

First I did the CSC promo in the IT-Amber class.  Right off the back the professor was not sure of how to log onto the system for the powerpoint portion of this presentation.  So I winged it with a handout ready and fantastic karizma.  I am adding the handout that I used here and also in Karma for going a little above and beyond.  My biggest concern with this assignment was the delivery portion of the assignment.  Already I had proven to myself that my nerves get the best of me in my Advanced Public Speaking class so this was the break out of my comfort zone and tackle a new adventure assignment.  Using the motivational intellect from Motley as he says to drop the myths and believe the audience really wants you to succeed. (Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking, 1997)  I got through this promo of the Communication Skill Center and for the first time felt great about speaking.  Truly trying to embrace all the aspects of speaking I am learning about in my Advanced Public Speaking class.

Second assignment was the 1300 activity.  This activity I was joined with Brannigan to rock the minds of a 1300 class over the introduction portion of macrostructure.  The first run of this was a nightmare of an experience.  The Gauntlet is the name of this rehearsal and it is full of students presenting bad behaviors while the activity is trying to be facilitated.  As Beebe says in Communicating Advice, “People are different.  That profound observation has profound implications for human communication, and nowhere is it more evident than in a group discussion after the group gets down to business.”  (38, Beebe)  After the brutal reality of this experience we had a dress rehearsal.  We had a lot of revisions which you can track through google docs under the Addie folder in our shared file.  But when the day came for the real deal to go down it was awesome.  We were prepared and ready.  Looking out unto the class with their blank expressions, priceless.  But at the end of it I think the class had a good time and got creative.  We did not have any brutal audience members but did have a group that couldn’t stay on point so they needed EXTRA guidance.  But at the end of the activity I think we made a difference in understanding of the introduction portion of macrostructure and making it less scary.  Or at least I believe we did.

This is my flyer I made for my promo talk:

<img src=”https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1Osus7WxIRsvqJ0ZkpCeRGVKRVS9eTTUuVbSc1-1B1Ew/pub?w=480&amp;h=360″&gt;

1300 Activity slides


1300 Activity Video Reflection Paper

1300 Assignment Service Speech


Dress Rehearsal