Learning Outcome #3

FEEDBACK!  This is the creme brûlée of all the aspects of working in a group.  When you get feedback that is sandwiched it shows respect and you are able to trust the person that is giving the feedback.  Also very important to use that “I” language.  This way you are not condemning the person that you are giving feedback to and feeling aren’t hurt.

As stated in the UALR 1300 course manual on page seven you will find the UALR Foundation Communication Principle “The communication process is complex” this is a principle I am learning to be very very true.  As an intern we encounter every form of client and their interactions and how we give feedback has to be very precise and positive.  I have had interactions that were uplifting so far.  Hopefully I won’t have any negative experiences but even when a person comes in not in a good attitude I have learned from my experience that I can always positively motivate the conversation.  From our Ethical Implications and keeping in mind to care with grace, respect, and restraint are all parts of the “communication process is complex” principle.


This is my CSC Promo Outline https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yr0wYOFg_Xp3JJn9XN9DXzjhjQS5T1xvPoZkbJwGbiA/edit

CSC Promo Outline Revised


Feedback on 1300 Activity/Prezi


Prezi for CSC Promo


Google Slides Promo CSC

This document as well can be seen on google drive in the edited portion of the times that I have revised this document.  Also after receiving feedback I revised as well. Under our shared CSC google folder you will find a folder labeled Addie in here will find a compiled assortment of my work for this internship.