Learning Outcome #1

In the small meetings we exchange with clients I view the use of Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) by Pearce explains how we interact.  When using stories lived which by Griffen is “co-constructed actions that we perform with others.  Coordination takes place when we fit our stories lived into the stories lived by others in a way that makes life better (Griffen, 73).”     The NCA Credo for Ethical Communication “we advocate truthfulness, accuracy, honesty, and reason as essential to the integrity of communication”. (Griffen, A-8)  In CMM “offer a variety of tools to help us understand flawed patterns of interaction, identify critical moments in our conversations, and it should suggest ways to talk that will create a better social environment.” (Griffen, 67)  It is the exchange of communication while using stories.  Alongside the use of stories you have a choice to make positive or negative reactions to these stories that make the conversation go well.  

Now that I know the aspect of telling a story to help someone tell their story that is what I have been using in my CSC internship.  I basically helped the first student I helped by asking her to tell me her story.  From there we redid how she would start her speech.  She was doing what I usually do by overthinking the assignment and putting all the fluff into it without actually getting the point of what I am suppose to be writing.  So as an outcome of my training and advancement in knowledge I am able to use the Coordinated Management of Meaning theory when I assist a client on their assignments.

Formal Outline of 1300 Service Speech


Professionalism Self-Report #1