Learning Outcome #2

I think that I can always make strides in my tutoring skills.  As stated by Catherine K. Wright, “there is no doubt that tutoring is helpful.  It has been prevalent through history, loved by royals and the wealthy as a means of educating their children.”  So as prevalent that it has been through out history the skills of tutoring is what I want to master.  From not only the ethical side of tutoring but also the way I use the time I have to tutor.  In a twenty minute span of time a lot of information can be exchanged and I would like to utilize this time to give the best feedback possible.  Helping clients succeed is a main goal for me this semester.

As you take a look at my 1300 Interpersonal Conflict Paper


1300 Activity Video Self-Critique



1300 Activity Outline: Adelene & Brannigan



I would like to note that this is after many revisions of this work which can be found on google drive under editing.