Learning Outcome #5

My personal growth in professional is going to be very marketable when I graduate school and move forward into the workforce.  Right now being able to organize my gmail, google docs, and creating a web page are all skills that will help me be more efficient.  Every avenue of higher standards that I acquire will continue to build my credibility for future employer’s.  I am continuing to build upon my rituals which is defined by Geertz and Pacanowsky as “texts that articulate multiple aspects of cultural life, often marking rites of passage or life transitions.” (Griffen, pg, 268)


A lot of my interactions in this internship have been in situations that are just more navigational than helping.  Except the day I got pulled from class to do an on campus activity impromptu.  This was an awesome experience came off to the students like I had trained for that day since the beginning.  Weird thing is I guess I was trained well enough to go into a stressful situation read and get guidance from Winston (GA) and fly off cuff with success.  It was a fantastic opportunity and a way of pulling myself even more outside my comfort zone.  At first wasn’t excited but in the end had a fantastic experience.


Time Sheet

Prof. Report #1


Interactions with Clients:

-Some of my interactions have been basic computer help.  Some other interactions were with helping with video set up and talking through outlines.  The few appointments I got excited to help with cancelled.  One interaction went on for about 40 mins.  I helped a client with her outline and then assisted with another homework assignment.

Email Correspondence: